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Logo: Created by Deb Oxley, based on aerial view of Pentonville Prison.

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Detail from Microcosm of London Plate 019 – Water Engine, Cold Bath Field’s Prison, from Wikimedia Commons.

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Detail from Chain gang : convicts going to work nr. Sidney N.S. Wales, Wikimedia Commons.

Research Themes
Images of Brixton Women’s prison from Victorian London.

Epistemologies (and related resources)
Visualisation of word counts in Old Bailey Online trials from the Data Mining with Criminal Intent project.

Digital Dark Tourism and Dark Tourism resources
Old Melbourne Gaol – leg irons and chain, iron neck collar and handcuffs: photograph by GSV on Flickr (License: CC-BY)

Ethics and Digital History and Ethics resources
Image of CCTV graffiti, seen on the wall of the British Library. From geograph, by Oxyman (License: CC-BY-SA)

Voices of Authority
Word cloud of an Old Bailey Online trial created using Zotero and Voyant Tools

Elevation of Newgate Prison, London, 1816 from the British Museum collection

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