Work in Progress

Much of the project team’s work in progress will be chronicled on the blog. This page gathers together downloadable presentations, working documents, etc, produced during the course of the project. Unless otherwise stated, the files listed here may be used and shared for educational and research purposes, but please acknowledge their authors and The Digital Panopticon project if you do so!

The Digital Panopticon (pdf)
Presentation by Sharon Howard at Transforming Research Through Digital Scholarship, London November 2013

Building the Digital Panopticon (pdf)
Presentation by Barry Godfrey at Representing Penal Histories: Displaying and Narrating the Criminal Past, Nottingham January 2014

The Digital Panopticon (ppt)
Presentation by Deborah Oxley to the Stanford Digital Humanities Group, March 2014 (NB: this is a large file that may take a while to download – not recommended for mobile devices)

Visualising the Old Bailey Proceedings as a Digital Panopticon Dataset (ppt)
Presentation by Richard Ward at the Digital Panopticon Visualising Data Workshop, Oxford April 2014

Seeing things Differently: Visualising Data on Crime and Punishment (pdf)
Presentation by Richard Ward at British Crime Historians Symposium 4, Liverpool, September 2014

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