Elizabeth Cleveland

Life archive ID obpdef1-1998-18400817
Born 1787. Place of birth Peterborough (nr peterborough). Gender female. Height 5' 2.5". Hair brown, grey (dark brown to grey). Eyes hazel. Distinguishing marks freckled (slightly freckled). Has tattoo no. First recorded 1840.
Place of birth Peterborough.
Tried at Old Bailey, London (central cl court). Accused of wounding (for unlawfully, maliciously, and feloniously assaulting george day, on the 13th of july, and casting a large quantity, to wit, one half-ounce, of a certain corrosive fluid called sulphuric acid, in and upon his face, with intent to burn him, and whereby he was burned.?2nd count, stating her intent to be to maim and disfigure him.?3rd count, to do him some grievous bodily harm.). Found guilty. Sentenced to transportation. Sentence outcome was transported.
Sentenced to fifteen years. Sent to Van Diemens Land.
Arrived in Australia
19th July 1841
Age 54.
Sent to Van Diemens Land.