Louisa Hart

Life archive ID obpdef1-597-18860503
Born 1865. Place of birth blackheath. Gender female. Height 5' 4". Complexion pale (pa). Hair brown (br). Eyes brown (br). Build proportionate (prop). Distinguishing marks mole, mark (mole left cheek and throat, marks back of left leg). Has tattoo no. First recorded 5th April 1886.
5th April 1886
Age 21. Marital status Male. Place of birth blackheath.
Sentenced to five years. Sentence outcome was imprisoned.
Tried at Old Bailey, London. Accused of rape (, feloniously aiding and assisting a man unknown in carnally knowing rose shires, a girl under the age of 13.). Found guilty. Sentenced to penal servitude, imprisonment. Sentence outcome was imprisoned.
Granted prison license
31st July 1889
Age 24.
Discharged as habitual criminal
17th August 1889
Age 24. Marital status Male. Place of birth blackheath.