Hannah Mullens

Life archive ID obpt17860426-10-defend188
Born 1760. Gender female. Has tattoo no. First recorded 26th April 1786.
26th April 1786
Age 26.
Tried at Old Bailey, London. Accused of fraud (that she, well knowing that one peter roach had served our lord the king, as a seaman, on board the burford, and that certain wages and pay were due to him for such service, on the 11th of november last, she did appear in her proper person before the worshipful george harris , and did produce and exhibit a certain paper, partly printed, and partly written,178604260028 with a certain mark thereunto set, which purported to be the last will and testament of the said peter roach , and did then and there unlawfully, wilfully, and knowingly, take a false oath that that paper did contain the last will and testament of him the said peter roach ; and that she was the executrix therein named, with intent to obtain probate, in order to receive the wages and pay so due to him the said peter roach , for and on account of his said service, against the statute). Found guilty with recommendation. Sentenced to death. Sentence outcome was transported.
Sentence respited
16th June 1786
Age 26.
4th January 1787
Age 27.