Emanuel Antonio

Life archive ID obpt18311020-11-defend202
Born 1797. Gender male. Occupation Sailor. HISCO 11. Has tattoo no. First recorded 1831.
In hulk
Age 34. Occupation Sailor. HISCO 11.
20th October 1831
Age 34.
Tried at Old Bailey, London. Accused of wounding (that they, on the 17th of october, at st. george, upon jacob george , feloniously, unlawfully, and maliciously did make an assault, and with a certain sharp instrument feloniously, &c. did strike and cut the said jacob george , upon the right side of his body, his left thigh, and across his loins, with intent in so doing feloniously, wilfully, and of their malice aforethought, to kill and murder the said jacob george, against the statute). Found guilty with recommendation. Sentenced to death. Sentence outcome was transported.
Sentence respited
21st November 1831
Age 34.
Sentenced to twenty one years. Sent to New South Wales.