What happened to a random sample of people born in 1800 and later charged with an offence?

This life chart, created on the Digital Panopticon website, charts all the life events recorded in Digital Panopticon datasets of the 1,526 convicts in our data who were born in 1800. The coloured lines indicate the offence they were convicted of (see key at bottom). By positioning your mouse over any of the lines or dots, a pop up window will appear providing the name of the convict and a brief summary of their life events recorded, and by clicking you will be taken to the life archive for that convict. By examining the rows of dots aligned horizontally, you can see how many convicts experienced specific life events, such as 'in house of detention' or 'arrived in Australia', and when they occurred. Please note that this data is not comprehensive, as it only includes the events recorded in the datasets included in the Digital Panopticon.

Credit: Jamie McLaughlin