Subjects of tattoos by body locations

These pie charts indicate the distribution of tattoo subjects on different parts of convicts' bodies in the 1830s. Using the search page, and clicking on the 'Visualise' button at the top of the results, it is possible to create similar pie charts for other specific time periods, but note that the maximum amount of results that can be visualised at any one time is 5,000. Note that the body part identified uses the original language in the records, and no attempt has been made to aggregate similar terms, such as 'breast' and 'chest', and 'finger' and 'forefinger'. These charts suggest some significant differences in subjects depending on the part of the body in which a tattoo was located. Other visualisations in this gallery break this information down by right/left hand side of the body, specific tattoo designs, private vs public parts of the body, and male vs female convicts.