Access to Digital Panopticon Data

We are committed to making data available, where permissible, for educational, scholarly, creative and innovative uses. In many cases, the data used on this website has been made available to us by third parties, whose permission must be obtained in order to gain full access to the data. However, we can make some datasets available ourselves. We can also make available aggregate information generated by the project as a result of our record linkage methodology. This page explains how to obtain access to such data for analysis and re-use.

Individual Datasets

Access to the following datasets is available via the University of Sheffield online data repository, figshare, under a CC BY-NC licence.

To be deposited in the near future:

For all other datasets, consult the relevant Records information page. Information on 'original source and digitisation' will indicate who controls access to the data.

Aggregate Digital Panopticon Data

To be deposited in the near future: