Joseph Barker

Life archive ID fasai02908
Place of birth London. Gender male. Hair brown (brown, bro). Eyes hazel (hazl). Distinguishing marks pitted pockmarked (pockpitted anchor on left arm). Has tattoo yes. Tattoo subjects naval. Tattoo descriptions anchor. Tattoo body locations arm. First recorded 1807.
1st July 1807
Tried at London. Sentence outcome was transported.
Sent to Van Diemens Land.
Tattoo(s) recorded
Tattoo subjects naval. Tattoo keywords pockpitted anchor on left arm.. Tattoo descriptions anchor. Tattoo body locations arm.
Arrived in Australia
20th December 1808
Sent to New South Wales.
Ticket of leave revoked
25th June 1829
Ticket of leave
17th March 1834
Ticket of leave
24th February 1840
Conditional pardon
10th May 1841
Conditional pardon
10th August 1841
Conditional pardon
March 1845
Conditional pardon
20th August 1845
Conditional pardon
21st August 1845
Conditional pardon
26th August 1845