Julia Rigby

Life archive ID obpdef2-1557-18500819
Alias Buckley. Born 1829. Place of birth born at sea; brought up at lambeth, lambeth. Gender female. Height 5' 0.5". Religion Protestant. Hair brown. Eyes hazel (light hazel). Distinguishing marks scar (slight cast in eyes scar on rt. cheek s.c. on r.t arm below elbow a.l. y. b.b.j.b. 7. y. m.t.j. b. s.h. j. r. on left arm). First recorded 1850.
Tried at Old Bailey, London (central criminal court; London). Accused of pocketpicking (, stealing 1 watch, value 22s. the goods of frederick armytage, from his person; rigby having been before convicted:). Found guilty. Sentenced to transportation. Sentence outcome was transported.
Sentenced to seven years. Sent to Van Diemens Land.
Arrived in Australia
7th March 1851
Age 22. Religion Protestant. Place of birth lambeth.
Sent to Van Diemens Land.
Prior offences
7th March 1851
Age 22.