Visualisation Gallery

Given the size and complexity of the data in the Digital Panopticon, the best way of detecting overall patterns in the data is often by using visualisations. Any search result on this site can be visualised by by clicking the visualise link above the search results; the results can be displayed as pie charts, life charts, or Sankey diagrams.

This gallery of visualisations prepared by the Digital Panopticon team provides a wide range of examples of how our data can be visualised. Some were created using the site's visualisation function, while others were prepared using downloaded data and other software and programming packages.


  • How did the most common criminal sentences changes over time?
  • What happened to a random sample of people born in 1800 and later charged with an offence?
  • How long after their sentence did convicts have wait to be transported?
  • What ages were most commonly recorded when convicts arrived at a colony?
  • Punishment Outcomes for Convicts Sentenced to Death

  • Punishment outcomes for convicts sentenced to death, 1763-1868
  • Punishment outcomes for selected offences
  • Punishment outcomes by age group
  • Punishment outcomes by gender: theft from a specified place and murder
  • Subjects of Convict Tattoos

  • Changing mix of tattoo subjects by decade, 1821-1920
  • Correlations between subjects of tattoos
  • Subject of 'namesinitials' as percentage of total subjects, 1820-1920
  • Number of dots in dots tattoos by record set and convict gender
  • Collocations of terms with 5 dot tattoos
  • Links between terms relating to death and nature
  • Personal Characteristics of Tattooed Convicts

  • Did male and female convicts get different types of tattoos?
  • Subjects of tattoos by convict's religion
  • Tattoo designs by convict's place of birth
  • Tattoo designs by convict's occupation
  • Body Locations of Tattoos

  • Subjects of tattoos by body locations
  • Top 30 body parts
  • Top designs for 'public' and 'private' body parts
  • Top 20 male/female body parts